Municipal Court Matters

Mistakes while driving, including accidents, can have both immediate and future consequences for you. These consequences include impact on your driving privileges (which is particularly important for those who drive for a living), fines, increase in insurance premiums, and depending on the severity of the situation, even jail time.

We believe that not every accident requires a ticket; many times, it is simply an accident not deserving of a municipal court charge. The team at the Law Firm of Patrick J. Whalen,Esquire, will strive to reduce and/or eliminate the impact on your life in these situations. We handle a multitude of different traffic violations, including:

  • DWIs
  • Speeding
  • Reckless and/or Careless Driving
  • Failure to have Insurance, Registration or License Credentials
  • Various moving violations, such as stop sign and/or red-light violations

In addition to motor vehicle violations and accidents, the Law Firm also handles other Municipal Cases, including allegations of Petty Theft, Assault and, in some instances, Domestic Violence.

Patrick J. Whalen, Esquire can help if you have received tickets. He will help you understand the charges you are facing and explain all your options as he is very familiar with Municipal Court procedures and knowledgeable in traffic law.

Paying traffic tickets without contest can have severe consequences that can/will affect your driving privileges, as well as your insurance premiums. From serious fines to the possible loss of your driver’s license, the consequences of a driving offense can wreak havoc on your budget, schedule, and sometimes even your job. Patrick can, and will, fight to reduce fines and penalties to make them manageable and less disruptive to maintain order in your daily routine.

The Law Firm’s fees are fair and reasonable.