I have been using Patrick J. Whalen, Esquire for over ten years for a variety of business and personal issues. Patrick and his group always take the time to understand our case and give us the guidance and legal help we need to provide the best outcome. I highly recommend Patrick Whalen!

— Robert Wilson, business owner

When you choose an attorney, you’re gambling your best possible future on a total stranger and that’s a scary thing. The moment you talk with Patrick Whalen, you’re going to feel comfortable and know you chose the right person. He’s polite and compassionate and he sees you as a real person with a real life to defend, and not just a case number. More importantly, he’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced and he’s capable of creating incredibly positive outcomes from situations that seem like they’re hopeless. I can tell you that one of many things that impressed me immensely was Patrick doesn’t leave any stone unturned. When you inform him of something that you feel is of importance, he will look into it. I contacted so many attorneys and they all told me that my case was difficult. I was turned down time & time again until someone recommended Patrick J. Whalen. I called the office and spoke with his legal assistant Angelique, to set up an appointment, which, by the way, she was just as amazing as Patrick. Her expertise amazed me. Patrick went on and successfully won my case with an extreme result, that I never thought was possible. If you want an Attorney who will fight for you with all he has, then you need to hire Patrick Whalen – – trust me you will never regret that you did.

— Barbara R.

The Law Office of Patrick J. Whalen is family to me! I have known Patrick since I was about 10 years old (for 31years). I didn’t know then how important he would be to me in the future. Patrick and Angelique are very professional and, over the years, have been retained by myself, my family, and my friends. Once you work with them you will never want to work with anyone else. Without them I don’t know where I would be today. Hands down, they are the best!!! Once you go Pat…You never go back! Love these two!

— Jerry Roundtree

As a colleague of Pat Whalen, I have had the opportunity to observe him represent his clients with the utmost professionalism, skill and compassion. He has the ability to analyze and evaluate legal issues better than most attorneys that I have seen and he does so without losing focus on achieving the best outcome for his clients. He had exhibited many times that his compassion for his clients is his primary driving force. Without reservations, I have recommended Pat to clients and other attorneys for matters that I could not handle. In each of the matters that he was recommended, he always exceeded the high expectations of his legal representation that he established long ago.

— Philip Cohen, Esquire

Pat is a tenacious attorney who will fight for you when your legal rights have been violated. If police or correctional officers in New Jersey have violated your constitutional rights, Pat is your go to guy.

— Alan Denenberg, Esquire

Patrick Whalen is integrity and professionalism personified. He works within the justice system to earn the trust of judges, colleagues, and adversaries, which betters his clients’ fortunes by avoiding the obstacles that can frustrate some of the more well-known self-promoting crusaders out there. If I had a friend in trouble, I’d send him to Patrick in a heartbeat…and just hope that they would be suing someone other than one of my clients.

— Eric Harrison, Esquire

Patrick is an astute, experienced negotiator and litigator who fights for his clients. He is persistent and does not shy away from the tough cases, but lets his clients know the odds. I’ve worked with Patrick as a colleague for many years and find him to be inspiring yet also down-to-earth.

— Alix R. Rubin, Esq.

After over 25 years as an executive at a large corporation I found myself suddenly in need of an attorney. I researched extensively, spoke to a number of lawyers, and was fortunate to find Pat Whalen. I have dealt with a number of attorneys at both corporate and personal level and Pat ranks at the top. He is highly professional, responsive, talented, and most importantly honest. Pat listened to my case and then provided a frank and honest evaluation of the process and prospective outcome. What really separates Pat and his staff is their communication skills. There was constant dialog, and I was always aware of the progress of our case. Ultimately, I was very pleased with the end results. I am grateful of their efforts on my behalf and highly recommend Pat Whalen.

— Alan J.

Mr. Patrick Whalen is one of the most timely, effective, and efficient attorneys I know! I appreciate his candid and forthright approach. If he can assist you, he will. If you do not have a case, he will let you know that as well. I recommend Patrick Whalen with the highest regard. If you’ve been wronged, and in need of justice, Whalen’s your guy!!

— Geraldine L.

Patrick Whalen is very professional and he cares personally about his clients. Honesty and integrity are his base principles. I’ve known Mr. Whalen for 20 years and have utilized his services numerous times. He is hard working and dedicated to his craft. Some lawyers practice for the assets, but I can say from experience, he does it because he loves fighting injustices. If you are looking for someone to represent you, Mr. Whalen is the right lawyer. He has won multiple settlements for me. He is professional, courteous, truthful and an attorney who actually cares. I highly recommend Patrick Whalen.

— Brian W.

I had the need for an attorney’s services on two separate occasions. With regard to both cases, I was very satisfied with Mr. Whalen’s professionalism and knowledge. He worked very hard to make sure that I received the best representation possible. Patrick and Angelique make a great team! There wasn’t a question that went unanswered. I highly recommend his firm.

— Tom D.