Representative Cases

For the last thirty years, Patrick J. Whalen has successfully handled a wide variety of civil cases, in both State and Federal Courts, including, but not limited to, all types of Personal Injury matters, Employment Law matters, School Bullying cases, Consumer Fraud Act cases, as well as Malpractice actions. The following is just a sampling of some of these cases, all resulting in significant monetary settlements or jury verdicts, over the last 30 years:

  • Successfully handled Claims Against a Major University and International Fraternity over the existence of a series of Sexual Assaults and Existence of a Sexually Hostile Educational Environment.
  • Successfully handled major Federal lawsuit against the State of New Jersey, as well as Caseworkers and several Non-Profits, with regard to systemic abuse of Disabled Persons in Adult Foster Care Settings, which lead to starvation and death.
  • Successfully handled Claims arising out of Construction Site Accidents, that resulted in catastrophic injuries, against a variety of Large Contractors and Property Owners.
  • Successfully handled numerous major Lawsuits involving Motor Vehicle Accidents resulting in Catastrophic Injuries and/or Death throughout the State.
  • Successfully handled complex Medical Malpractice Claims Against Hospitals and Doctors on behalf of catastrophically injured patients. These included claims based on abuse of pain medications, failure to diagnose, and mishandling pregnancies.
  • Successfully handled Major Consumer Fraud Act Claims against a Prominent Real Estate Developer on behalf of 25 Condo Owners who had been defrauded.
  • Successfully handled Consumer Fraud Claims against numerous corrupt Landlords throughout the State, based on rental overcharges, as well as habitability issues.
  • Successfully handled numerous School Bullying and Hostile Educational Environment claims throughout the State, on behalf of Students and their Parents. These included cases at the Elementary and High School levels, and involved students who were targeted for a variety of protected characteristics, including sexual orientation, gender, race, national origin and disability status.
  • Successfully handled numerous State and Federal Employment lawsuits against major New Jersey Employers involving Wrongful Termination, Retaliation, Discrimination, and Hostile Work Environment claims.
  • Successfully handled Police Misconduct claims and vindicated the Constitutional Rights of numerous individuals against major Police Departments and their Officers.
  • Successfully handled claims against several Nursing Homes for abuse and neglect, including the sexual harassment and assault of women at those nursing homes.
  • Successfully handled claims arising out of criminal conduct engaged in by third parties, where victim was injured due to both the crimes and the negligent security of a property owner, employer or school.

Patrick and his Team also have successfully defended a number of businesses and individuals in a variety of contexts, including the following:

  • Successfully pursued those responsible for embezzlement and fraud of a major HVAC Company, defrauded by former Bookkeeper and others.
  • Successfully defended numerous employees (Public and Private) with respect to Disciplinary Matters.
  • Successfully Fought Major Insurance Companies in order to obtain coverage for Businesses and Individuals wrongfully denied such coverage.
  • Defending a Non-profit entity with respect to a mass shooting at one of its events.